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About SCB

Derived from an insane passion for the art of sports fishing, we at Stone Cold Beads are dedicated to providing the sports fishing industry with eco-friendly and effective fishing gear. When we decided to start our company, instead of focusing on purchasing the least expensive materials like plastic and glass in the hopes of making a huge profit. We elected to focus on quality and a product that would have minimal impact on the ecology. You see we love throwing stones and in effect when you purchase our gear that’s exactly what you’ll be doing as well. The only difference is that our stones catch fish and if you get broken off from a snag or snap your line while fighting a fish the environmental impact is no more than if you threw a rock in the water.

We are also in the process of testing our brand new line casting and trolling spinners made with our natural stone beads and high-quality spinner blades and body parts parts. Stay tuned because we’ll be bringing our SCB spinners to market very soon, best of all they’re all handmade right here is the good old USA.

We truly value the great tradition of sports fishing and strongly believe in environmental stewardship and conservation. This is what inspired our product and we believe is the way of the future for a high-quality fishing tackle. Yes! Our beads and lures are more expensive than our competitors, however, they use inferior materials like plastics, painted lead, and glass to make their beads or lures, not natural gemstones like we use. We also understand that many people will choose a more affordable option over our fishing beads, but when people try our beads, they will never turn back. We know there are many in the sports fishing industry like us, who are more than happy to spend a little more money for a superior product. Our beads are not only the beast fishing beads they are also rare gemstones that have become increasingly hard to find.

This is what sets us apart from the rest on the crowd and is the secret to our success. Try our Stone Cold Beads today and see why love throwing stones so much.

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