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SCB Custom Made Fishing Lures

Custom Made Fishing Lures


Stone Cold Beads has taken their natural stone fishing beads to a whole new level by creating custom fishing lures that incorporate our beautiful gemstone beads. Petty much every fishing lure today uses some type of beads for an added attractant. This also applies to our custom made fishing lures.

Selecting beads for lures

When it comes to creating effective custom-made fishing lures colors mean allot. Every angler knows that depending on the waters your fishing, one day the red lures inspire the hot bit and the next day it’s the greens or chartreuse.  Keeping a decent selection of colors is your best bet when you need a few options to help you find the hit of the day.


Hand Made Fishing Lures

At Stone Cold Beads we pride ourselves on our unique handmade fishing lures. The fact is that you won’t find lures like our anywhere else. You see no one lure is the same due to the one of a kind gemstones that go into making each of them. In addition, each Stone Cold bead lure is hand assembles right here in the USA with made in the USA hardware. Only the highest quality materials go into our lures higher gauge wire, premium hooks, and high-quality furnishings like our silver and gold plated spinner blades. Our desire is to provide our clients with the absolute best fishing lures in the industry.


Custom Casting Spinners

Spinners are among the most effective fishing lures used today. These lures have proven their effectiveness time and again, catching fish for decades. Our casting spinners use our beautiful stone beads as accents work great to help entice fish to the bite. This has inspired our Rock and Roll spinner line, as well as our Fat Head spinners and Fish Assassin Spinner line up. There is no denying it these custom fishing spinners Rock and Roll!


Rock & Roll Casting Spinners with Hammered French Style Blades and Sickle hooks.  

Custom Trolling Spinners

When it comes to trolling spinners there is nothing more effective than the SCB Dirty Troll. This is our premier line of Trolling spinners that are excellent for catching salmon, trout, and steelhead. Specifically designed for optimal functionality while trolling behind a flasher. Dirty Troll trolling spinners are genuine fish killers.


Dirty Troll Trolling Spinner Line with Silver plated Olympic Spinner Blade

Custom Casting Spoons

We offer the one and only egg drop casting spoons. These spoons have our trademark Stone Cold Beads trailing from the spoon to the hook providing an excellent attractant for fish. These spoons are super effective and can be cast from the bank or trolled from a boat.

SCB Egg Drop Casting Spoons


Order your own SCB fishing spinners

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