Stone Cold Beads

Looking for the ultimate in fishing beads? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We at Stone Cold Beads use only the highest quality natural gemstones for our fishing beads. Our goal is to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to lead, plastic and glass fishing beads as well as produce a superior product in every way.


Fish Attracting Colors

Stone Cold beads are made from brilliant natural gemstones like coral, agate, carnelian, topaz, jade, quartz, and more.  We focus our buying efforts on sourcing only the most effective fish attracting colors for our gemstone fishing beads which have been rigorously tested and most importantly proven to catch fish.  Stone Cold Beads are the true gem of the bead fishing industry, providing anglers with one of a kind, hard to find fishing beads and lures.


Rugged and Tough

What makes Stone Cold Beads better? Our beads are not only beautiful and attractive to fish, but they are also heavier because of the dense makeup of beads made from natural stone.

As a result, Stone Cold Beads are much stronger than traditional glass beads or plastic fishing beads and sink much faster as well, getting your set up down in the water where it needs to be.

When we purchase our gemstone beads we focus on purchasing beads that will be strong so they will hold up better under the extreme conditions of drift fishing where your lure is bounced across the bottom of a river or stream colliding with several rocks along the way it’s important to have a bead that will hold up and keep it’s attractive appearance.

These conditions can literally take the paint off of painted lead within just a few casts. Glass beads hold up a little better but get scratched up and in some cases after several casts event break if fishing in rocky waters.

Hard Plastic beads are fairly rugged, but ones that have been painted can chip and scratch, plus plastic beads require the use of weight to get them deep enough in the water to actually catch fish.

Soft beads are an effective alternative to real salmon eggs but because soft plastic tend to be weak soft beads can come completely off the hook when snagged up on the bottom of a river or stream.

These are among the reason we set out to create a stronger alternative. One of the ways we determine the strength of our fishing beads is by using the Mohs hardness test which indicates the hardness of a specific material. For example, a diamond in one of the hardest substances in the world and has the highest Mohs rating which in 10, lead, on the other hand, has almost the lowest Mohs rating at 1.5 Mohs.

A glass bead is anywhere from 4-5 Mohs which is prone to cracking and breaking. We select gemstone for our fishing beads that are between 6-8 Mohs providing a super hard and super strong bead that holds up longer than glass or lead.


Environmentally Friendly

Unlike most fishing tackle, Stone Cold Beads are 100% safe for the environment.  Using our fishing beads helps prevent the polluting of our valuable fish estuaries. Stop using plastics, glass, or lead beads today and use our safe eco-friendly alternative Stone Cold Gemstone Beads. Fish love them and so does the environment.


SCB Fishing Beads Production

The manufacture of a Stone Cold Fishing bead is a long and difficult process. First, we have to find the right types of stone with the right coloration. We only use hard stones ranging from 6-8 Mohs on the Mohs hardness scale. This is important because we want a rugged and tough fishing bead that can handle being bounced across the bottom of a rocky river reducing the risk of breaking. Next, the raw stones must first be cut, This is achieved by cutting the stone into cubes, and placing them in a chamfering machine which knocks the corners off the cubes making them somewhat round in shape.

After this stage, the grinding begins. The rough cut beads are placed into a grinding machine and ran through several stages of grinding, once the grinding is complete and the beads are either smooth or faceted and round in shape.

The next phase is to enhance coloring. This is achieved through heat treating or a combination of heat and dyes that accent the beads coloration producing brilliant results. The final phase in polishing the beads and drilling the hole.

As you can see the process of creating our Stone Cold Beads is much more expensive than the production of injection molded plastics or refining glass, but each step is necessary for producing the end result, which is a beautiful stone bead that has superior strength, dazzling colors and best of all fish attracting capabilities.