• Natural Stone Fishing Beads

    Natural Stone Fishing Beads 26 Products

    Stone Cold Beads, the one and only natural stone fishing beads. Hard and heavy with brilliant colors that are super effective for catching salmon, trout and steelhead.
  • Apparel

    Apparel 2 Products

    Get your swag on with SCB apparel.
  • Dirty Troll Trolling Spinners

    Dirty Troll Trolling Spinners 98 Products

    Check out our infamous "Dirty Troll" Trolling spinners. These are some of the most effective trolling spinners on the market for targeting salmon, trout, and steelhead.
  • Egg Drop Fishing Spoons

    Egg Drop Fishing Spoons 3 Products

    These spoons aren't your typical dinner wear. Hammer Forged Egg Drop Spoons are the hit! Fish our hammered spoons and they get nailed. Order yours today and get ready for the fight of a lifetime.
  • Fishing Bead Assortment Packs!

    Fishing Bead Assortment Packs! 8 Products

    Our fishing bead assortment packs give you a nice selection of our most effective fish catching natural stone fishing beads. Check out our bead wheels and bead boxes and choose the one that's right for you.
  • Rock & Roll Casting Spinners

    Rock & Roll Casting Spinners 53 Products

    Check out our Stone Cold Beads Rock & Roll Casting Spinners! These custom salmon, trout, and steelhead fishing spinners are assembled by hand with made in the USA hardware and our natural stone fishing beads.
  • Storage Containers

    Storage Containers 4 Products

    Empty containers for storing your fishing beads.