The Dirty Troll Strikes again, Trolling spinners for Columbia River fall Chinook

Now a days of you’re looking for some excellent Columbia River Fall Chinook action trolling spinners is hard to beat. Some guys swear by bait, some plugs, or others hoochies. SCB Pro-Staffer Buddy Dupell says trolling spinners for chinook, coho or any salmon species for that matter is deadly effective for getting these feisty fish […]

The SCB double stack bead rig Killing Coho on the big Quil left and right.

There are very few days when you just can’t seem to miss. Today was that day! It was nothing new to me to show up on the river at the crack of dawn just as the gray sky began to emit light. However today was different in that literally it was fish on with every […]

Triple Play catching coho from the beach at Point no Point.

When it comes to fishing for salmon few people can do it better than SCB Pro-Staffer Cliff O’Brien. Cliff is an avid angler and has been a part of our R&D department since day one. Today Cliff helped us put our Rock & Roll hoochie casting spinners to the test pitching our gear from the […]

Catching monster Chinook trolling Dirty Troll spinners in AK

The Kenai Peninsula known for monster chinook, has another thing coming! “The Dirty Troll”. SCB Pro-Staffer Aarron Schmidt of Schmidty’s Guide Service decided to show us the ropes. While running our Dirty Troll Elite Red Rum Gen One, just look what happened. Aarron taking the kids to school on how to catch big fish.  

Fishing the Dirty Troll on the Columbia for Fall Chinook

SCB Pro-Staffer Buddy Dupell of Columbia River Fishing Adventures shows how it’s done fishing SCB’s Dirty Troll spinners for Columbia River fall Chinook. The kill was on, sun up we were on the river rods, down and spinners trailing a Pro-troll flasher. Literally from the word go we were on fish. The Dirty Troll spinners […]

The Dirty Troll, Trial By Fire, Trolling Spinners for Salmon in Seward Alaska

Back when we decided to get into the spinner game, we knew we were on to something big when we came up with our Dirty Troll line of trolling spinners. However when push comes to shove it ‘s really a matter of putting our gear to the test, in essence, put our proverbial money where […]

Trolling Spinners for Salmon

  Over the years more and more anglers are catching on to the effectiveness of using inline spinners when trolling for salmon. Unlike the cast and retrieve style spinners used by bank anglers for centuries trolling spinners require the use of weight or a diver to get the spinner down to the desired depth. They’re […]

Fishing Stone Cold Beads for Steelhead on the Oregon Coast

When it comes to steelhead fishing there are few places in the world that can compare to the Oregon Coast in the Pacific Northwest. If you fish these waters you should already have a keen understanding of the effective nature of fishing beads.   In this journey, we climb in the boat with one of Oregon’s […]

Fishing Beads for Coho

When we were in the development phase of our Stone Cold Beads almost a year ago, we knew we were on to something big. The best part of creating a new product is testing it. The goal was to see how well natural stone beads performed when targeting Coho salmon on the Olympic Peninsula. In […]

Fly Fishing Beads

The trip I look forward to all year long is the annual trek to Bristol Bay Alaska and a fly fishing float on one of the great rivers there. Since my first trip in 2010, I’ve gone every August for a couple of weeks. The fishing is phenomenal, the Char, Rainbow Trout and Grayling become […]