Stone Cold Beads Launches The “Dirty Troll” line of Trolling Spinners

Trolling spinners have become one of the most effective lures for catching salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. Over the last year, we started developing our own signature line of trolling spinners that incorporate our eco-friendly natural Stone Cold Beads. After a bit of trial and error, we believe we’ve found the perfect combo of bead […]

Using beads for trout fishing

  Using beads for trout fishing is one of the most enjoyable forms of fishing an angler can have in their arsenal of fishing tactics. This last week we were on the Big Quilcene River testing out our Ultra Fresh Orange and Cheese Moe Roe fishing beads on some aggressive coastal cutthroat trout. It was […]

Stone Cold Beads Introduces custom line of Egg Drop salmon fishing spoons

In a world of mass production, not all spoons are created equal. If you’re a salmon and steelhead angler, good luck finding a spoon that is heavy enough to cast with ease and strong enough to handle a hard fighting salmon or steelhead. We at Stone Cold Beads have taken our Egg Drop Spoons to […]

The New Stone Cold Beads Casting Spinners for Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead

Over the years we at Stone Cold Beads have seen a significant diminish in the selection of casting spinners designed for catching salmon and steelhead. In most cases, there are only a couple brands available at your local tackle shop and unfortunately, most are not very good for casting, not to mention of inferior quality.  […]

Stone Cold Beads launches new product line for bead fishing anglers

We at Stone Cold Beads have always been big fans of bead fishing. However, we found that many beads on the market today are made of cheap plastics, painted lead, or glass. Plastic beads offer virtually any coloration imaginable, they are effective for catching salmon, trout, and steelhead but require lead weights to get them to […]