The Dirty Troll Strikes again, Trolling spinners for Columbia River fall Chinook

Now a days of you’re looking for some excellent Columbia River Fall Chinook action trolling spinners is hard to beat. Some guys swear by bait, some plugs, or others hoochies. SCB Pro-Staffer Buddy Dupell says trolling spinners for chinook, coho or any salmon species for that matter is deadly effective for getting these feisty fish […]

The Dirty Troll, Trial By Fire, Trolling Spinners for Salmon in Seward Alaska

Back when we decided to get into the spinner game, we knew we were on to something big when we came up with our Dirty Troll line of trolling spinners. However when push comes to shove it ‘s really a matter of putting our gear to the test, in essence, put our proverbial money where […]

Stone Cold Beads Launches The “Dirty Troll” line of Trolling Spinners

Trolling spinners have become one of the most effective lures for catching salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. Over the last year, we started developing our own signature line of trolling spinners that incorporate our eco-friendly natural Stone Cold Beads. After a bit of trial and error, we believe we’ve found the perfect combo of […]