The Dirty Troll Strikes again, Trolling spinners for Columbia River fall Chinook

Now a days of you’re looking for some excellent Columbia River Fall Chinook action trolling spinners is hard to beat. Some guys swear by bait, some plugs, or others hoochies. SCB Pro-Staffer Buddy Dupell says trolling spinners for chinook, coho or any salmon species for that matter is deadly effective for getting these feisty fish in the boat. One example is a recent fishing trip we took, we used the 3.5 Dirty Troll  Death Star trolling spinner. We’ve also caught a ton on the Fire Squid as well. Our Dirty Troll spinners are making their mark in the sports fishing industry. The only spinners in the sports fishing industry that incorporates real natural gemstones as accent beads producing a killer spinner for catching fish.




Best spinners for fishing salmon on the Columbia

SCB Pro Staff

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