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Stone Cold Beads launches new product line for bead fishing anglers

We at Stone Cold Beads have always been big fans of bead fishing. However, we found that many beads on the market today are made of cheap plastics, painted lead, or glass.

Plastic beads offer virtually any coloration imaginable, they are effective for catching salmon, trout, and steelhead but require lead weights to get them to the appropriate depths in the water to be effective. They are also a pollutant to the environment if you end up getting snagged or broken off.

Painted lead beads are great for getting your presentation to desired depths fast but the paint tends to chip and scratch off after only a few casts in rocky waters. In addition, lead is a pollutant that has been known to cause cancer.

Glass beads are of a heavier density than plastic but lighter than lead. They get down in the water faster than plastic beads, but after several casts drift fishing in rocky waters glass beads tend to chip and break or with painted glass the paint scratches or chips off.

These undesirable qualities are what has inspired Stone Cold Beads to seak out a better fishing bead. Well, we’ve found it and best of all it’s all natural and in many cases can be found right in your backyard. That’s right these beads are hard as a rock because that is exactly what they are made of. Beautiful stone beads that are of superior in strength, heavy so they get down in the water fast and hand-selected fish attracting colors.

Stone Cold Beads are the ultimate fishing bead that is the true gem of the fishing industry. Check our Stone Cold Beads today.




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