The New Stone Cold Beads Casting Spinners

Over the years we at Stone Cold Beads have seen a significant diminish in the selection of spinners designed for catching salmon and steelhead. In most cases, there are only a couple brands of spinners available and unfortunately not very good for casting and of inferior quality. 

Salmon and Steelhead can range anywhere from 5lb to 50lb and only a strong and well-made spinner will do for catching these amazing fish. The last thing any angler will tolerate is a lure that will fail under the pressure that these fish can apply to your gear. That is why we set out to produce a high-quality product with our natural stone beads and stainless steel hardware for the perfect combo.

When it comes to fishing spinners for salmon and steelhead our Stone Cold Beads “Rock & Roll spinners really shine. We’ve created a super strong, easy to cast salmon and steelhead killer that you’ll be proud to have in your tackle box.

We didn’t stop there, we also created our Stone Cold Beads “Egg Head” line of spinners that really entice the bite from aggressive fish. When you fish our spinners they get nailed.

All our fishing spinners are made of only the highest quality materials that will hold up under the tug of a monster king salmon or the yank of a feisty steelhead.

We designed these spinners with a swivel at the top that will help prevent fish from twisting off the hook. Plus we use specially designed sickle siwash hooks for even better-staying power after you set the hook.

Every spinner is hand twisted, with made in the USA hardware and accented with our trademark Stone Cold Beads.


Even better with our Egg Head Spinners, you can select the parts you want and we build it and ship it to you, custom-made tackle at a great price. You won’t find these spinners anywhere else.

Check out our beautiful Stone Cold Beads Spinners today and get a few for your arsenal. Offered exclusively here at




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