The SCB double stack bead rig Killing Coho on the big Quil left and right.

There are very few days when you just can’t seem to miss. Today was that day! It was nothing new to me to show up on the river at the crack of dawn just as the gray sky began to emit light.

However today was different in that literally it was fish on with every cast. I’d pitch it up river and let my double bead stack drop and before it could hit bottom, whammy! it got nailed. Even better these fish were huge. The biggest fish caught in the hole that day were all yarded out by yours truly. All thanks to Stone Cold Beads.


Fresh out of the water and on the bank.


What made it so phenomenal was that literally every time I plunked it in it was literally fish on. Everyone was just looking at me in disbelief. No matter what I did it was one after the other. End result 3 for 4 with 4 released and two big ones that shook the hook. Interestingly enough the three fish I caught today amounted to more meat than any of the days before.


Another nice one found it’s way to my cooler!

This was defiantly one of my best days fishing. Not often you can keep throwing small ones back and still keep catching more fish. The beads were hot! hot! on this fishing trip.

Throwing Stones

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