Catching Summer Steelhead with Stone Cold Beads

Here is the Pacific Northwest you generally won’t here us talking about bead fishing for steelhead until the middle of winter. This is the time of year trophy class wild steelhead return to their spawning grounds providing opportunities for catch and release fun not for the faint of heart. The winter run fishery is where […]

Oregon Coast steelhead fishing with Stone Cold Beads

  When it comes to steelhead fishing on the Oregon Coast, nobody does it better than SBC pro-staffer Aarron Schmidty of Schmidtys Guide Service.       The big dog of the day was our 10mm blood roe bead. Fished under a float or as a dropper under a jig our Blood Roe was the […]

The SCB double stack bead rig Killing Coho on the big Quil left and right.

There are very few days when you just can’t seem to miss. Today was that day! It was nothing new to me to show up on the river at the crack of dawn just as the gray sky began to emit light.     However today was different in that literally it was fish on […]

Triple Play catching coho from the beach at Point no Point.

When it comes to fishing for salmon few people can do it better than SCB Pro-Staffer Cliff O’Brien. Cliff is an avid angler and has been a part of our R&D department since day one. Today Cliff helped us put our Rock & Roll hoochie casting spinners to the test pitching our gear from the […]

Fishing Beads for Coho

When we were in the development phase of our Stone Cold Beads almost a year ago, we knew we were on to something big. As you can imagine the best part of coming up with a new product is testing it. The goal was to see how well natural stone beads performed when targeting Coho […]

Fishing Stone Cold Beads for Steelhead on the Oregon Coast

When it comes to steelhead fishing there are few places in the world that can compare to the Oregon Coast in the Pacific Northwest. If you fish these waters you should already have a keen understanding of the effective nature of fishing beads.   In this journey, we climb in the boat with one of Oregon’s […]

Fly Fishing Beads

The trip I look forward to all year long is the annual trek to Bristol Bay Alaska and a fly fishing float on one of the great rivers there. Since my first trip in 2010, I’ve gone every August for a couple of weeks. The fishing is phenomenal, the Char, Rainbow Trout and Grayling become […]

Stone Cold Beads Trout Fishing Trials

  Trout Fishing with Stone Cold Beads   Using beads for trout fishing is one of the most enjoyable forms of fishing an angler can have in their arsenal of fishing tactics. This last week we were on the Big Quilcene River testing out our Ultra Fresh Orange Roe and Cheese Moe Roe fishing beads […]